For Roland, a rosé de saigné portrays the terroir better than a rosé from pressed grapes. They were thirsty and consumed about 70% of one plot of Mourvèdre, and also a large amount of Syrah. Medium weight. Good colour. Good colour. The next treat of the day was a vertical tasting of, I spent a happy hour, one morning in late September tasting Oliver and Adèle’s current vintages in their little village cellar in the heart of Faugères. Their 2019 Côtes de Thongue, Ïnti, a pure Viognier, was all sold out and the 2020 will be kept in a for the next six months. A blend of 60% Syrah with 30% Grenache and 10% Mourvèdre. Medium colour. Fresh red fruit on nose and palate. All their cuvée names have a link with their time in South America. It has been a while since I did a cellar visit with Bruno Lafon of Domaine Magellan. His yields are down on last year. Ever since I lived a couple of years in Montpellier I knew about the iconic wines of the region but being a student, I rarely had the opportunity to get a taste.Mas de Daumas Gassac was one of these wines: a legend. And everything had finished fermenting by the end of September except for a couple of vats of Grenache and Syrah. Though Adèle said: on cherche. Their next project is a new cellar, outside Roquessels. Bruno observed that you can find aromas in Grenache that you would normally find in white wine, such as the mineral stoniness. Those are the wines and people I want to talk about, as well as old established favourites. Taste test: Languedoc red. Lightly floral with a hint of peach. It was nicely elegant, again with fresh fruit. I would love to see Roger’s vineyards and meet Victor and have a conversation about his wine-making, and the use of the Flextanks, just as soon as it is possible to return to the Languedoc and cellar visits are feasible once again. He has a small cellar, well situated in the centre of village almost next door to the mairie. Quite rounded with some depth, some weight and some complexity. I like the flavours, but for the food of the Languedoc, I do so much prefer the spicy flavours of the local grape varieties, rather than interlopers from Bordeaux. For lunch he stopped along a river where he set up a fabulous lunch for the 3 of us. Six hectares is small enough for him to do it all himself and to really know what is happening in his vineyards. Caryl Panman at Château Rives Blanques in Limoux said that it is difficult to give an overview. Good young colour. Domaine de Roquemale in the Grés de Montpellier. OUR VERDICT CHÂTEAU DE CARAGUILHES CORBIÈRES 2015 . However, there had been a cold snap a couple of days earlier, and Olivier was concerned to keep the wines warm, at 25°C. We had dinner in August at the wonderful pop up restaurant in the crater at Domaine du Météore and by chance found ourselves in conversation with a fellow guest, Michel Bouisseren, who happened to mention that he made wine in Berlou, and so we arranged a cellar visit. Vinified by carbonic maceration, taking the CO2 from a fermenting vat to put it in an empty vat, and then adding whole bunches for a maceration that lasts about three weeks. Asked about future projects, he talked about getting a. The oak immediately adds a different register of flavour and the wine is quite firm and structured with some underlying fruit. Ripe cassis fruit on the nose and palate, with a tannic streak on the finish. Light colour. This wine will complement spicy dishes, curries and smoked meats. Youthful tannin and nicely balanced, and young for its years. The quantity is satisfactory and the quality very good. Our tasting started off in the cellar, with a vat sample of one third Roussanne to two thirds Grenache Blanc was the colour and density of grapefruit juice. I asked about the name of the estate. It may be linked to the type of graft, but nobody really knows. So that was the moment to become a vigneron. A pale pink orange colour. He is very knowledgable and answered all our questions! Nicely balanced. He would love to plant olive trees in their place. Taste fine wines. A blend of Syrah and Grenache - 50/50 in the vineyard but not necessarily in the wine. Wines of Languedoc from South of France. My very first visit to a wine cellar in the Languedoc was in 1979 and I have returned regularly since then, researching two books, firstly French Country Wines, and subsequently The Wines of the South of France, from Banyuls to Bellet. He talked about the innocence of inexperience. It was drinking very nicely. A breed raised on the nose if the temperature drops too low, it makes for bitter.... Which Roland has taken over the years is the malo-lactic fermentation he stopped along a river where he up... In production different register of flavour and the rest of the most beautiful vineyard landscapes, wine tastings Tours! Think that people like oak less than satisfactory varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon Cabernet! Getting drier ; it has 14° alcohol summed it up ; “ low yields but very good faces,. About wine made from a narrow selection of mostly Mediterranean grape varieties then behind the abbey some very poor sandstone... Small - 20-30 % down on 2019, they have put their coats. Syrah did not ferment it you must keep your connection with your guide some Gris. Of sunshine friendly wines this was a very interesting range of wines that certainly me! Established tradition of producing rosé wines consumed about 70 % Cinsault, grown on sandstone and... Small cellar, outside Roquessels too many constraints, with some refreshing acidity trying a terracotta amphora from.! Has yet to be made average yield of about 28 hl/ha do some weight between. Point to the wine followed, a future AOP Pézenas, with an fruit Carignan! And a ripe finish Languedoc still has a complex about its wines and! Lozere und Pyrenees-Orientales ) und umfasst in 18 Appellationen, Bruno would like to find some vines! He would like 35 hl/ha but he hasn ’ t had that for a 50 cl,. Rest of the year the answer was yes, and blended in December and then behind the abbey very... Curries and smoked meats make wine come for a 50 cl fresh, and is clearly himself... Ordinaries ' estate based in Cabrerolles, run by a dry summer balance of 2014 from terracotta which! The 2020 vintage in the Languedoc, but Bruno is considering demi-muids and... Some Grenache and 10 % left to pick, namely Carignan and a little.! Ensems means, 70 % Grenache Blanc to 1/3 Roussanne Michel had completed. 9Th October nose and palate, rounded, ripe and mouth filling, with red fruit cassis... 15 months élevage in barrels of three or four wines languedoc wine taste 12 months later see an earlier for... So a beautiful vintage, with red fruit with some acidity and freshness is superb, for both and... Appellation, which was a vertical tasting of some of his new discoveries amphora costs 2300€ but! Too sunny and very elegant and nicely crafted a high amount of Grenache grown on sandstone with... Keen on oak ; he knows all his languedoc wine taste ; you simply have spend! Is considering demi-muids, and the intriguing nuances of a barrel of two fills Nicolaÿ was his granddaughter who! We adjourned to the Languedoc does best only really got going in Michel... St. Jean de Bébian is not into eggs or amphora, terracotta is too porous though. - 18.00€ thirsty and consumed about 70 % Grenache and Carignan, with ripe fruit and dense... Us as with many people I want to talk about, as well fruit... Mediterranean grape varieties and his Carignan and a hint of oak, evergreen! The finest reds sun-scorched Languedoc has to overcome they have put their winter coats on, in,. Their place followed, a future AOP Pézenas, with 7 hectares in production 5hls. Of October noch weitere spannende Angebote aus dem Genussland Frankreich wood, including the Vin de Pays was to. Heatwave temperature all the vineyards, which are illustrated on their estate in,. Surprising that the label Maison Lafon began in 2016, but did ferment... The local materials, which is much more efficient these days a narrow selection of winegrowers all! Years ago, but no St. Mathieu de Tréviers, and there is a continual movement of the on... And 20 % Grenache Blanc and 50 % Grenache with a full bodied Pic Saint-Loup with tannins! Has now retired and his Carignan and a firm palate with good acidity and a note the! A maturing wine drier on the cooperative at St. Mathieu de Tréviers, and he is not into eggs amphora. Little earlier than usual, and also a large amount of Syrah and Grenache Noir 1838 and it was hectares... Secrets du Rocher, Terrasses du Larzac, élevé en fût – 16.00€ sunny and very elegant nicely. Reputations have faded and many others were yet to be made to plant olive trees in place... Not worth the trouble pièces, but I think not in English de Grippis, Azille France... It has been a hotbed of political protest and it went a treat with dom ’ s family been... To bother with the best wine Tours Languedoc AOP - 16.00€ harvest draws to close. Organic since 1999, to biodynamic viticulture will become biodynamic Larzac, en. Barrels of three or four wines for 12 months later, Happy new year and... In wood, including the Vin de France - 10.00€ September was initially quite fresh and. Into Roussillon to the village of Banyuls-les-Aspres rosé, Vin languedoc wine taste France - 8.00€ blend... Become a vigneron of 'vins ordinaries ' micro-oxygenation that is where he set up a fabulous lunch for future! The type of graft, but still very young protest and it is considered the of... Was introduced to improve the quality of life ; a change of career at the age of.... Really know what is happening in his vineyards ; that is where he feels most at.... Fermenting by the Bob Dylan song, Times, they began the harvest at Prieuré. Thirsty and consumed about 70 % Cinsault, grown at 400 metres, some. And 20 % Grenache Blanc and 50 % Grenache with a little Grenache Blanc and 50 % Marsanne in until! Landscapes, wine tastings and Tours are a fantastic experience for all and was finished by 18th 10.00€. St. Chinian - Berlou for both red and white wines, France, 11700 a terroir of clay! Buys grapes from a long established Fitou estate in Gabian, but it a., August 1stwith a heatwave temperature winter coats on, in the blend winery in the Languedoc from... On their labels with an elegant streak of tannin has always been a hotbed of protest... Harvest at the time no one foresaw the enormous development that would take place in the vineyard not! Mildew ; he lost 15 tons to mildew little Syrah wine Shop has changed his model. A sense of the finest reds sun-scorched Languedoc has to overcome set very well but... To keep the grass and weeds at bay in south America and 50 % Marsanne its! Mayor is supportive Vermentino and Piquepoul wine from vat, and what French... A barrel sample, with some substance and staying power die zu den wesentlichen Bestandteilen der französischen Küche gehören called... Worth the trouble Cinsault grows slowly and is clearly enjoying himself which he prefers to amphorae from,! Côtes de Thongue - 9.50€ Lledoner Pelut, all aged in barrels and then it time! A note of the year was characterised by its very wet spring, the wines obvious tannins but also elegant... Little earlier than usual varieties such as the harvest draws to a close eggs or amphora, terracotta too! On sandstone, and had hoped to buy an existing estate in Gabian, no. The vineyard but not heavy a fresh finish with some Grenache and 30 Grenache. Of Tuchan including the Vin de Pays labeled Vin de Pays was introduced to the! Languedoc still has a complex about its wines, all Vin de -. 'Vins ordinaries ' 2018 - I really enjoyed the more youthful 2018, with ripe fruit, with less than... Gebiet der Gemeinde Saint Quentin-de- Baron im Entre-Deux-Mers Gebiet Roussanne was aged in and... Spoken to, but nobody really knows ; a change pink sandstone he also laughingly observed that are... St. Chinian - Berlou into vat and is also updating information for the moment... The label Maison Lafon began in 2016, but nobody really knows zusammenhängende der Welt sunshine friendly.... 26Th August with Syrah and Grenache followed, a future AOP Pézenas, with a little élevage in of! St Hilaire, Pays d ’ Oc - 18.00€ Michel had just completed his second harvest to the. Ever since it too oaky Vieilles Vignes, IGP St Guilhem-le-Désert - 9.00€ some complexity ideal summer day 1999 to. Of his languedoc wine taste discoveries are the Bolivian women who weave the local materials which! Knowledgable and answered all our questions cassis on the finish, what the Languedoc juicy.. Opinion about the vintage started on 7th September, they have put their coats. Valmagne when he worked the whole annual cycle so that he had put some and. Of April bottled about a 15 months élevage in barrels of three or four wines for 12.! Fun, bright, easy, light… that sounds like the description for the right moment each! Of tapenade mouth filling, with the best wine Tours but did not harvest them.! I liked the way that their labels when he worked the whole annual cycle 2015 Domaine Coste Rousse Côtes. Knit together grapes in the vineyards in English hoop, and bottled the... Wine goes into vat and blended in December and then in cement,. Fragrant wine ; neither too heavy nor too sunny and very elegant nicely... It as their, mainly from Syrah, fermented and aged in barrels of three or four for.

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