Went to a doctor and he couldn't find the problem even with x-rays. Unfortunately, most people don't realize that neck pain can be caused by conditions other than those that affect the muscles. He has helped me and my daughter many times. I have searched the internet to see if my CHRONIC neck problems are the cause to an nasty ear infection that seems to have come from nowhere. Functional medicine found solid medical answers (not guesses) as to what was plaguing our daughter's life.  However out of the 1000 people it is very possible that none of them had a current ear infection. I love Dr. Kilcup’s approach and I feel very hopeful after going over my results and treatment.  But, if the eustachian tube gets blocked, oxygen will not get into the middle ear and the middle ear will get overrun by bad bugs. I am quite sure it is my ear and concerned that she is thinking temporal arthritis and of course that could mean steroids!.  The middle ear is the space behind the ear drum. There could be many other causes for your gland/ear problems. It’s been a week now and only the disorientation has disappeared… my neck starts hurting and my eyes are always heavy and sometimes blurred and sometimes very hard to focus…. Dr. Kilcup asserts that he will leave no stone unturned to get to the bottom of your health problems. 10/2009 Laminectomy on left C7-T1- due to synovial cyst. Right tonsil 10.6mm, left 5.7mm. Weekly emails of the latest news from The Scope Radio. Even after i have taken the medicine i feel as if nothing has changed, i am in constant pain and now my neck hurts so bad i can not turn it in any direction.  An inner ear infection is one cause of vertigo. 7. The doctor took care of my ache and pains and was sensitive to my hurting spots. the relief you need! He referred me to his daughter, Bethany Kilcup, who is an amazing massage therapist, to help loosen up my back and massage out all my knots. Ear infections that stem from the middle ear can spread to the venous drainage of the brain, causing a brain lesion or abscess. May I was not fully awake. Getting a good chiropractor to see about the mechanical issues would be smart. What could happen in the ear that would cause an infection to break out? techniques, kindness and respectfulness. Probably IV antibiotics, hospital admission for that. Odontogenic orofacial infections arise either from dental caries or periodontal infections that have extended beyond the alveolar bone to involve the fascial spaces around the face and oral cavity. I have been a patient now for over two years. You would need a course of oral antibiotics for treatment. So… my daughter had a particularly nasty ear infection about two months ago, which we ultimately cleared up with antibiotics. When the. Dr. Kilcup returned my call from his emergency call line before we were even official patients of his when I was on the verge of heading back to the ER with my son. Recommendation- prescription that would make me tired. Yes, it costs money to find answers...medically sound answers. highly recommend Dr. Kilcup to anyone who needs care.  The bones that transfer the vibrations from the ear drum to the auditory nerve are in the middle ear. Do you think that cranial facial massage, neck massage, and chiropractic therapy could help alliviate PET? i also have ear and right neck pain. For me the real question is why did she have this infection in the first place. I really could go on and on about Dr. Kilcup and his facilities. Ask my Dr to do test more? Hello Dr. Needless to say there is NO GUESSING with Dr. Kilcup. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. He and his staff are friendly and very helpful when you ask questions. # T12 # T10 # S4/5 car accident in 2010, Wow this is great work Dr Darrell kilcup.I also have some problems with my ear and throat and was showing to an ent doctor long island and I do trust that you have to reveal your self to a selected professional for you Health issue. Blessings. I knew this already, from studying, among other neck related problems, though it is nice to see. I've used, and there have been many. create a positive experience for the client each and every encounter! I am so grateful! He didn’t get an ear infection until we stopped going. The lymph nodes behind the ears, in the neck and under the arms are some of the most notable lymph glands in the body. I am seeing a internal medicine , preoperative and vascular specialist for this she is setting up a ct scan for this. I am so grateful for how efficient and caring Dr. Kilcup took my case. Report indicated Chiari 1. To me, too many memories as a kid of seeing kids in the boy's bathroom with a needle, stick it into the ear trying to piece their ear. It is rare to find someone so committed to helping you get well. For most people, when their piercing starts acting up they immediately think that it is infected. Her blood pressure was 112/70, oral temperature 98.6. For example, poor posture in your neck can put strain on the function of your jaw. Its very confusing. Since then I have been to my doctor. Hearing diminished slightly when standing/sitting. "ASK DR. KILCUP" SESSIONS >> WORK WITH DR. KILCUP>>, Monday/Wednesday/Friday The "cost" of not going to Dr K, as I look back, is far too great to even consider as I remember the months and months of our precious daughter too ill to get out of bed. I have the antibiotics and the eardrops.. Inflammation in the TMJ can then cause pain in one or both ears. my initial appointment after testing. They also produce antibodies that help fight off foreign microorganisms. The symptoms of infections in old piercings are the same as in new ones. eustachian tube dysfunction and back pain or back pressure?  The standard medical treatment is either to do nothing, use antibiotics, or perform  surgery to insert a tube into the ear drum. been the only chiropractor that has ever helped me. Hi Dr.Kilcup, I am demented with ear infection of the middle ear,my ear drum burst on a long haul flight and since then I have been prescribed 5 lots of antibiotics,continuously.They aren’t working,what you have said is the only sensible thing I have heard since this began 🙂 I have an under active thyroid and know my immune system is low,thankyou so much for enlightening me and making me know I’m not going insane after all lol. his highest prioritiy!! A week of awful fever and headaches later, we finally got in to an ENT who told us that he is pretty sure she is on the tail end of a deep space (deep cervical lymph node) neck infection. having continued pain and my son was having excruciating headaches. Dr Kilcup is amazing! just flares up every so often and I go in for an adjustment. And after massive testing (not guesswork) we arrived at some very crucial definitive answers. greetings,anton. updated: June 19, 2020 I avoid sitting. Group A streptococcus bacteria are commonly found in the nose and throat, and the infection is easily spread from person to person by sneezing, coughing or shaking hands. DR Kilcup has been such a blessing for my health. You will NOT be disappointed. Dr. Kilcup's has correctly diagnosed and treated my misaligned spinal column joints. What are your suggestions about this please I want all advise I can get as this is painful at times my neck and behind the ear. I had neck stiffness and pain 2 years back and it went after some days but it was without ear ringing. Dr. Kilcup has made thorough and effective plans for my testing and treatment, and so far, the results have been great. PT 9/30/16-1/24/17- unable to stabilize…several good days…terrible days..last week pain spread to upper back…severe swelling- started steroid pak 1/25/17. I have so much faith in the Functional Medicine approach and am confident that (thanks to Dr Kilcup) I am now on a clear cut path to wellness and vitality. In the most severe cases, surgery would be necessary to repair damaged ear cartilage. Our bodies overall feel great since we’ve been receiving massages from her. Dr. Kilcup did some testing for both my girls and found underlying infections that other doctors refused to acknowledge or look into. In a year I truly have no had a good nights rest. Dr. Madsen: It's just tougher to treat, you know? This is the best Chiropractor office I have found in the Phoenix area. The infection from the ear can spread to soft tissues of the face and neck, according to University of Texas Medical Branch. It can spread to your inner ear, invading the sacs of the mastoid bone, without treatment. The two main categories that could be responsible are mechanical and biochemical.  The middle ear area becomes like one big pimple and sometimes the ear drum pops just like a pimple. Either you don’t have an infection or you do and you need a very different treatment than what you’ve had. You need to remove the earring because it would aggravate the infection. Hi Darrell,have just listened to your video. We highly recommend Dr Kilcup to anyone because he is the best functional medicine doctor we know. doctor reviewed my results, he clearly explained several conditions that had previously been undetected. it’s hard to keep balance.. but i’m able to walk and do things… Please help. Thank you so much for this, why nobody is talking for this, i have kyphosis and chronic ear and sinus problems! Bethany is an exceptional massage therapist! Thank you so much!!!! 12/2008- Went to ENT- MRI showed no meneries. I have been treated by Dr. Kilcup for many years now for back pain. Now my throat ears nose face teeth chest and bottom hurts at all time, and the headaches are omg. I have an auto immune issue issue. Now you believe that there might be an infection in the ear. I have known Dr Kilcup for several years now. I had a cold and then a week later had a three hour flight. Swimmer’s ear. He and his staff are always there to answer whatever questions you may have. All right, here is today's ER or Not. How do you prevent something like that? You are welcome Alaina. About 3 days later my symptoms started coming back. He listens, answers every question, is available at any time to anwers forgotten questions and WANTS to get to the bottom of your illness. I haven’t had an ear infection since i was a baby, now that allergy season is in effect and the pollen rate in New york is at a all time high i have gotten one.  The eustachian tube does just that. Taylor does a great job managing the front office. Trying many recommendation to clear tubes (pressure points)…lots of drainage….less dizziness but still have to pop ears. Omg I wish.. the funny thing about it is, when laying down the pain increase. Went in for pain in the middle of my back and started feeling better after one. ">, DNV GL Public Information Policy Statement.  A person with high blood pressure gets drugs without addressing the reason for the high blood pressure. The staff and treatments are exceptional! Neck pain from a sinus infection may feel similar to pain from stiff or sore muscles but different from arthritis pain. With their help I have felt a lot better!  There is  a tube that connects the middle ear to the throat and allows air to pass through called the eustachian tube. One point to mention is that also on the side of this, I’ve had neck and shoulder pain which correlates with the ear pain. After working with Dr. Kilcup for a couple of months, I am confident that I am on the right track. Just like regular piercing on the earlobes, cartilage piercing can also become infected. From the warm welcome by Taylor at. This doctor CARES about me, and it shows. for those injured. An infection in your ear lobe is much more likely to spread to your lymph nodes first. I have had issues for years with no real possible resolution. He is responsive, respectful and very communicative. But what matters is that this man, his employees, and his methods have changed my life, and given me hope for a recovery. I have had no answers from traditional medicine. Dr. Kilcup has been helping our family for many years. What i should do now. The various lab test (some bloodwork covered by insurance) have provided valuable insight and proof regarding what is going on in my body. Dr. Kilcup has been flexible in working with me as I moved to another state and now am moving to another country. We had to drive an hour and go back to the old one until we found a good one closer. If you get an infection that's spreading up beyond just the site of the piercing, where the full ear appears red and swollen or just even the lower half of it, then I would be a lot more concerned about an infection in the cartilage itself, and that would definitely be a reason to go to the ER. I’m not sure if I follow-up with ‘new’ neck surgeon of continue with GP. He was very honest in explaining the process to me, the costs, the tests, the treatment, etc. He's an awesome person who cares about people. What is a Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner? He is. If you’re reading this and asking yourself, “Isn’t that tube that goes from the middle ear to the throat supposed to let air in the middle ear you’re a GENIUS!  If we could swab 1000 middle ears we would find that not one middle ear was sterile. the front desk to Bethany's confident and comfortable skills during my Massage Therapy and the icing on the cake, Dr. Kilcup's care and concern for each patient....I give this practice a 5 Star ***** rating. BUT, the best part was the 1 hour review of the results. One of the reasons this cause of an ear infection is not understood is because of the way most doctors tend to think. I told the ENT about neck…told ortho about ears…no one mentioned it could be related. been very caring, compassionate, intelligent, thoughtful, and explains the science so it’s easy to understand. . I have to wear a neck brace most of the day and sometimes to sleep as well. Dr. Kilcup recommended a treatment plan based on the results of my tests, and my symptoms have been improving dramatically. The office staff is always friendly and supportive to the client's needs. I"ve never met a doctor that cares. caring doctor. Yes I know this can be a very dangerous but for 20 years I’ve been earache free. I believe I may have bone spurs on my neck that are causing my glands to become inflamed and ear problems. I don’t feel there is anyone I can go to that can help me. I have been receiving chiropractic care from Dr. K and he has helped me so much getting my upper back/neck, middle back, and lower back in alignment. In fact, you’ll probably feel sore and tender on the top of your head, around your eyes, nose, and cheeks, and alongside your neck. I want to know why I get disoriented with this ear infection that my doctor told me? ibuprofen helps. Functional medicine dares to go outside of the realm of conventional medicine and not only looks for disease or pathology, but for dysfunction. I would like to know why when sitting my head chest ears and neck hurts and never seem to go away. If I can get 10 min pain free I will even take 5 a day. Since it’s so easy to contract an infection in a new piercing, it’s important to know the causes, symptoms, and treatments so that you can avoid nasty complications like scarring, necrosis, or even (in extremely rare cases) hospitalization or death. 3/2008 Anterior discectomy fusion on C5-C7. Dr. Kilcup is without a doubt the best in his field and puts the needs and care of his patients as. So glad to, Dr. Kilcup and his staff have been very helpful in my search for reversing my diagnosis of RA. I highly recommend Dr. Darrell Kilcup. 14. I’ve been here two times now for massages and I have had such a wonderful experience ! He's not one of those doctors who prescribe. Thank you for sharing this video… I can’t believe I found a site that discusses the relationship between cervical spine & blocked Eustachian tubes. My mother, sister and I have been getting massages from Bethany for months now. Because this is very close to your ear, TMJ can cause ear pain that may also spread to your neck. And I took him regularly and he stopped getting sick all the time. And that, typically, requires IV antibiotics, sometimes even surgery. Hi there! The comprehensive testing that was done was amazing. So if someone comes into the ER and they've got ear pain and ear swelling, and then I push on the bones behind the ear, kind of at the base of the skull there, and they're really tender there, that can be a very serious thing too. Willing to answer questions and open to communication all throughout treatment. He is very attentive, responds promptly to my questions, and is willing to listen to my concerns - with no pride or criticism in his tone. http://darrellkilcupdc.com/work-with-me/. I noticed that reading through some of the other reviews that cost is an issue. Not only did our daughter have a genetic mutation that did not allow her to properly detoxify, but she was suffering from Lyme's disease. If you get enough swelling in there and enough long term issues, you could have some sort of, at least, hearing impairment or hearing issues. Dr. Kilcup's compassionate and gentle nature along with his professionalism and technical skills. 11. Troy Madsen discusses the potential serious complications that can come from an infection of the ear, including hearing loss and hospitalization. You can tell he truly cares about his patients and really takes his time on making sure they get better. Let me know how you do. Of all the care providers I've recommended, I would put Dr. Kilcup on top of the list. Troy Madsen discusses the potential serious complications that can come from an infection of the ear, including hearing loss and hospitalization. I have been going to Dr. Kilcup for about 10 years. Great office! I’m not sure but for example my sternocleidomastoid muscle seems to be constantly tight. It gets worst. I want to help you find real answers and the healing and relief you've been looking for. All are friendly and enjoyable to be treated by! I have sustained some high frequenzy hearing loss many years ago, that situation has since calmed down, I know my hearing very well so I notice sudden changes easily. 1. and it usually takes a few treatments to get back to normal and then I can go for from a year and a half to several years before I do something for which I need him again. A great chiropractor. There were never any "hidden" extras. I would say that meeting with Dr. Kilcup has been nothing but a great experience. I have complicated issues with my back, and he is has. This level of infection is relatively rare with ear piercings, especially if you have a reputable piercer or healthcare professional look at it as soon as you notice signs of possible infection. Infection. Bethany, the massage therapist is excellent. I am now able to have 3 meals a day without upper GI pain. I highly recommend this office. He is thorough and has taken time to dig into my health after months of less-than-helpful medical visits with other doctors. 5 Dr. Kilcup and his staff are some of the best I've come across in the heathcare business. Obviously the ear infection could have due to a blocked inner ear tube. If treatment is delayed for unawareness or carelessness, there may be widespread pinna edema and infection spread becoming a subperichondral abscess with possible cartilage ischemic necrosis. Start your journey towards healing and relief today. Answered by Dr. Emily Altman: Skin & lymph nodes: Yes, a skin infection … But this is what I can tell you...our daughter, 5 months into her treatment plan (with tweaking of the plan along the way) is starting to see a light at the end of her very long, and very painful tunnel. I am excited to have found a doctor like Dr Kilcup! He answered all my questions and when I called him back several days later with another question, he responded in ten minutes. For our daughter? Hallo, I highly recommend Dr. Kilcup as a functional medicine doctor! Neck pain with ear piercing infection? I am finally getting answers. You need to see your doctor again. The chiropractor I went to told me he was scared to touch me because the symptoms sounded odd, Hi Dr Kilcup I am in Australia , and keep getting fluid build up , ear infections pain EtC I believe what you say about the neck . My hunch is that scar tissue is at the root of your problem. I have. It's nice to get treated finally..especially by someone who shows that your individual care is the utmost importance to him. My youngest has been battling GI. Proper intestinal function is necessary for a good immune system. Sure. I had gone in for an adjustment and couldn’t even get that done because my back was so tight. elsewhere. However, Dr. Kilcup said "if you are experiencing pain there much be a problem and with a problem there will be a solution, so let's figure it out." His office is very efficient. He is an exceptionally kind, intelligent, thoughtful, and genuine man who always makes me feel like I am his #1 priority during our appointments. 20! Ear piercing is commonly done in the earlobe. You need to be examined in order to figure this out. The middle ear infection is the most common kind of infection. My face teeth and my whole face I am very scared I my not wake up.  The microbes that cause ear infections are anaerobic. On this ER or Not, emergency room physician Dr. Later in 2008 – experiencing regular dizziness and nausea. I can help you get to the bottom that. To find a doctor like this after a lifetime of lightning quick 10 minute Dr appointments where they basically just look at you and leave has been a life changer for me. In addition to Dr. Kilcup's proficiency in his practice, he and his staff are of excellent integrity, outstanding customer service, and genuine concern.  When there is an ear infection in the middle ear it is very painful. The infection can spread from the ear to the mastoid bone, causing infected materials to accumulate within the mastoid air cells — a network of honeycomb-like structures within this bone. I have been dealing with a lot of health issues (upper GI pain, GERD, extreme exhaustion, and a. great deal of depression) for the last 5 years. Required fields are marked *. Over the past few years, I have developed sciatic pain in my left leg and it became extremely painful. He. Doctor, That's Dr. K. The personal interest and care given by everyone at Dr. Kilcup's office is, in my opinion. Found that I still had to pop ears regularly to hear well. 11. I drive from Wickenburg to get his care. I have been an unintentionally "difficult" patient for him, not always responding to treatments as expected. Clearly you are having trouble with your eustachian tubes. My children and I were in a horrible car accident that completely totaled our car.  Do you think that your skin, throat, sinus, eyes, ears, stomach, intestines or urinary track is sterile until it get an infection? Nicole a doctor that uses a technique called “Activator” could treat you safely and effectively. Dr. Kilcup found the issue and helped relieve the pain. I've gotten better results from his treatment than from any other Dr. I am thrilled with my progress and can't wait to see what the future brings! I have also had a handful of massages from Bethany and she is great! I will look into that. I am so very thankful to have found Dr. Kilcup, and I wholeheartedly recommend his services. This past week I was suffering with bursitis in my knee and I mentioned it to Bethany. For almost a. year and a half, my husband and I watched our eldest daughter's health deteriorate. Please feel free to let me know what you think about my condition. They are thorough and most of all, helpful. I’m so grateful to have him! He truly cares about his patients and is always there to answer any questions you need. So now almost a year later it is inposable to sit at all. Dr. Madsen: Yes. His masseuse, Bethany, is the same - a real pro at massage. A few weeks later maybe about 3 the most I started having problems sitting. to the root of the problem. You need to first, know the signs, symptoms, and causes of an infection. My areas of concern are always attended to with immediate pain relief to the affected areas. He is so knowledgeable and willing to help. I have been treated by Dr. Kilcup for over 25 years. I was amazed! And then behind the ear as well, the bones back there are notorious for getting infected and that can be a very serious thing as well. The first place is in the “outer ear”. with my 6 month old son and helped me to identify issues with my back that I didn’t even know existed. Highly recommend. efficient yet thorough and suggests only what is needed to keep going forward. I was able to schedule online at my convenience. The question I have though is what can I do if I am not meant to go to a chiropracter . We're in it for the long haul with our daughter in trying to help get her life back...and thank the Lord, Dr Kilcup, we know without a doubt, will be walking right with us. Interviewer: So beyond the dangers of an infection, which infections aren't good, is there a danger to the actual ear itself if this goes untreated? O yea fight like a girl…. Food sensitivities, infections, intestinal problems all are possible. Had both a functional medicine "Get to Know You" appointment today, along with a new chiropractic. Currently, even though we now live 1500 miles away, I am seeing Dr. Kilcup for his Functional Medicine approach to solving my health issues and I am finally seeing improvement in things that have been a problem for a couple years. Thank you. There could not be a better Chiropractic Practice out there!!!!! He has. Her ears looked good, but she started having headaches, stomach aches and dizziness. Bethany gives wonderful massages. Hello Dr. Kilcup. When you wake up in the morning are you painfree? I saw doctors, had x-rays and even an MRI...my primary physician said I had "undiagnosable lower back pain" which meant sorry I can't help you. Dr. Kilcup is so patient and unlike any other doctor we have seen. I had it thinking I would be better. The first place that I look if I’m concerned about immune function is the gut. could not accomplish an adjustment. The three stages in the development of infection in the head and neck region are the development, extension, and complication stages. She's a good, My wife has been seeing Dr. Kilcup for almost a year and he has been able to help us resolve issues. :), I have been working with Dr. Kilcup now for three months. So back to present: like I said i’ve had some trouble, my ears started to feel very blocked and painful weeks ago. is there anything that i can do until the medicine is working.? If that infection spreads, if it's deep or if it's into the bone absolutely come to the ER. The right side with the headache also. Not.. its worst. Bethany with great massages and office manager Taylor getting me in for treatment even when it's busy always with a smile. It's a family operation and they are all just great. limiting all aspects of my life. An ear infection can occur in the outer, middle or inner ear.  The pain comes from the pressure that builds up inside the middle ear when the eustachian tube in the middle gets blocked and the infection creates puss. Everything good comes with a cost. Ear infection, especially after a piercing is known to cause swelling on earlobes. Dr Kilcup is very professional and. Dr Kilcup is the doctor I have been looking for for years. that most doctors overlooked or played down for quite a while. It was the first time in 5 years that I had the reason WHY I was feeling the way I was, my test results spoke for themselves, while the results of his treatment are showing a steady trend to me feeling better. That he was a miracle worker. ER or not? That's what keeps me returning as often as I can. Marie does the pain go away when you stand up? Her hands are a miracle! The infection from the ear might spread to soft tissues of the face and neck, How do you know if your Daith Piercing is infected.